Open letter of Juan Ramon Mata Ballesteros

The following appeared today as a paid ad in La Tribuna newspaper:


Today April 5, marks 23 years of the surrender of my life by the then rulers of my country to the U.S. authorities, violating all my rights, ignoring even the smallest legal proceedings. I was a victim of the vilest KIDNAPPING!

When I was kidnapped my lawyers filed a demand for Habeas Corpus before the government of the United States. In the resolution of such plaint it was clear that Honduras did not present any protest to the U.S. government. This was indeed a tacit consent to this irregular procedure.

It has been 23 years, struggling every day to “recover my rights”, something rather painful, since rights are acquired by birth and inalienable. But this is my sad reality!

I was carried to three trials, being illegally sentenced and condemned. These convictions were based on rigged testimonies and whimsical conjectures of the prosecutors. The punishment imposed on me surpasses any penalty applied in my country.

Then there’s my status within the prison system, years go by and I can not be included in any program to alleviate my permanence on this place. Just now my lawyer has filed a demand, in order to see if it is is possible to change this situation. I ask for no privileges, just to be treated according to the rights pertaining to my time served in prison and my conduct.

On this sad anniversary, 23 years!, it would be proper and fair, for the respect every citizen deserves and the rights granted by the Constitution, that the appropriate officials should comply with the law, concerning the enforcement of the rights of the citizens, no matter who is the citizen affected.

On reflection, it gives me great hope to see that the country struggles constantly to remain within a democratic system. Therefore I do not lose faith that someday, sometime, I will be compensated for the abuses suffered, and I will be able to return to my homeland, next to my family, in the last days of my life.

I ask God to put his hands full of goodness in our country and that Hondurans may live as brothers and sisters, living in peace, putting an end to violence and bringing back harmony. That tolerance and respect for life may prevail!

Juan Ramon Mata del Pozo

5 thoughts on “Open letter of Juan Ramon Mata Ballesteros

  1. bsylvester61

    Ruels are inforces only to benifit those in politics, In today's world goverments are all FOR SALE to the highest bider. People can choose to look the other way but the problem remains and the problem is ethicless goverments who makes rules but believe it does not apply to them. Goverments put people in power and then turn around and backstab, The Taliban helped by the US Gov. Now mortal enemies. WAKE UP PEOPLE IT'S REAL.

  2. mario padilla

    Mata ballesteros,era un adolecente cuando te secuestraron ,no te conocí pero me parece un luchador ,siento pena con lo que pasa en mi país ! Como es posible que cualquier gobierno extranjero viole tus derechos ?sólo en Honduras se ve esto,suerte compatriota y ojalá la justicia llegué a vos

  3. raymond

    saven es chistoso cuando uno esta en las calles asiendo todo contra la salud y dispues cuando los arestan lloran por sus derechos, que pasa con toda la gente que asen adictos o toda la gente que trabaja por ellos y los arestan no se escucha nada por ellos. asi como fuiste hombresito para vender y comprar tus drogas sea hombre y accepta tu condena,

    1. mario padilla

      si las personas no consumieran drogas no existrian personas que las vendan,yo tuve amigos que fumaban marihuana o tomaban pastillas,alcohol tambin y no hice lo mismo simplemente por que mis padres me hablaron de el daño que causan las drogas,no jusguemos alos que las venden solamente,hablen con sus hijos y enseñenles que las drogas destruyen,solo asi radicaremos alos que las venden!! usted ya hablo con sus hijos??

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