Rising violence in Honduras

Violence in Honduras has reached alarming levels.

Newspapers crime sections are full of dead people.

Violence is experienced in all levels of society, without distinction of gender or age, but the public cares more when high profile people die, such as representatives, businesspeople, lawyers, journalists and religious figures. The death of an important figure is worth a hundred strangers’.

Honduras is one of the blacklisted countries with great drug trafficking influence .

The government is shooting in the dark with its policies, you can tell it has lost control of the public safety issue.

In order to fight crime a series of flawed measures are being proposed, such as to take the military out to the streets to combat criminals, when this is not the role of the military (this is already happening).

To combat the practice of paid assassinations some propose the prohibition of more than one person in a motorcycle. Many attacks have been carried out by two people on a motorcycle: while one drives, the other fires. This will affect many people for whom buying a car is a luxury, they get punished for the crime of a tiny minority.

Some people have proposed the United States should build a military base in La Moskitia to fight drug trafficking, and some are talking again about the death penalty issue. (There is no death penalty in Honduras).

This situation of generalized violence is exploited by malicious groups of human rights activists, that are denouncing the killing of women and homosexuals, as if there was a systematic campaign by the government to damage these groups. There is a talk of femicides, a word that has no precise meaning, used to harm the country’s image.

All this violence, in my opinion, is evidence of the failure of the Honduran socio-economic system in particular, and of the capitalist system in general.