The Honduran’s Prayer

By: Froylan Turcios

God bless the bountiful land of my birth!

Let the sun and the rain fertilize her arable fields; her industries flourish and all her wealth shine under her magnificent sapphire sky.

My heart and my thoughts in one mind will exalt her name, in a constant effort for her culture.

Number in action in the conquest of her highest values, permanent factor of peace and work, I will join her energies; and at home, in society or in public affairs, in any aspect of my destiny, I always have present this inescapable obligation to contribute to the glory of Honduras.

I will flee from alcohol and gambling, and from anything that could lower my personality, in order to deserve the honor to be included among her best children.

I will respect her eternal symbols and the memory of her heroes, admiring her great men and all those who excel exalting her.

And I will never forget that my first duty will be, at any time, to defend with courage her sovereignty, her territorial integrity, her dignity as an independent nation, and I will rather die a thousand times than to see desecrated her land, her shield broken, and her shiny flag defeated.

God bless the bountiful land of my birth!

Free and civilized, let her power increase in the times and her name shine in the extensive conquests of justice and law.

Translated from the Spanish-language original: Oración del Hondureño.