Famous people born in Honduras

Óscar Andrés Rodríguez

Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez.
Photo by Gabriele Merk.

This list only includes alive persons who have had certain international repercussion:

Scientist: Salvador Moncada.

Tennis player: Izza Medina

Soccer Players: Carlos Pavon, David Suazo, Amado Guevara, Wilson Palacios, Maynor Figueroa, Henry Thomas.

Soccer Coach: Ramon Maradiaga, also known as “Primitivo Maradiaga”.

Radio Talk Host: Renan Almendarez Coello, alson known as “El Cucuy de la Mañana”.

TV Hosts: Neyda Sandoval, Satcha Pretto.

Sports Commentator: Salvador Nasralla.

Catholic Cardinal: Oscar Andres Rodriguez.

Singers: Angela Bendeck, Jireh Wilson, Moises Canelo, Guillermo Anderson, Renan Carias.

Evangelical Pastors: Guillermo Maldonado, Rene Peñalba, Evelio Reyes.

Presidents of Honduras: Roberto Suazo Cordova, Rafael Leonardo Callejas, Carlos Flores, Manuel Zelaya Rosales, Roberto Micheletti, Porfirio Lobo Sosa.

Writers:Julio Escoto, Eduardo Bähr, Roberto Sosa, Roberto Quezada.

Sculptor: Mario Zamora.

Painter: Ezequiel Padilla Ayestas.

Football Player: Steve Van Buren.

Entrepreneur: Maribel Lieberman.

6 thoughts on “Famous people born in Honduras

  1. marcos Castro

    !!! I am glad to see this famous people from Honduras, but there are many many more In and out the Country.

  2. Maria Gonzalez De Lopez

    Estoy de acuerdo con Marcos Castro…there are many more missing … in sports for example I can tell you of people that lives in Los Angeles where I also live like Jovany Varela the ONLY Honduran to ever win a JUDO World Championship, the FIRST Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter that represented Honduras, etc…



    Alli dejo 2 enlaces para verificacion…El proyecto me parece excelente, pero deberian agregar mas personalidades…SALUDOS.

  3. rosa

    well im from honduras and i hope that people keep helping to recognize our beautiful beloved honduras that not many people recognize.
    its not about being famous its about remember where youcame from and where your memories as a young child are and where most of your family is from…ive been in the united states for a while now and ive meet a few honduran that maybe someday they will make their country proud and show them what we are

  4. nissi Arzu

    I’m from Honduras too and i can see that our country is full of potential and if people keep working harder to obtain a better and prosperous country they can make it….. we the young people are the future of tomorrow and I’m ready to serve my country in the name of the Lord..:-)

  5. rose

    hi, ummm thx for the info. I was doing a project at school about ur conterie!!!!!!!!

  6. Olivia Scinta

    Nice I’m injoying this website! It’s really helping me with my project in school! Thanks creator

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