Time to be alert

Taking note of recent news, I have to revisit my opinion about the issue of the fourth ballot box and the pretensions of drafting a new Constitution.

It may happen. It is a possible scenario. Mel Zelaya prolonging his period in office through an order of a Constituent Assembly.

His defying attitude against the Public Ministry rings an alarm bell in my head. It seems to me that he thinks he is above the law. I thought he had a minimum of respect for the law. Now I doubt it.

I think he will try to continue in power if he thinks he can get away with it.

That’s the magic of a Constituent Assembly: it can suspend all existing laws and make new ones out of the blue. This can create a period of legal and political uncertainty, which is not good for the country because it may lead us to financial disaster. Not to mention the violence and abuses that may come.

I suspect this country can be brought down, and Mel wouldn’t care. He can always blame some one else of his failures. He always does.

But I’m still optimistic. I think he does not have the necessary balance of power to complete his adventure successfully. People are not so dumb as he thinks they are. They don’t want his perpetuation in power. He may try electoral fraud, only to receive the people’s repudiation.

I think Mel is so dumb, he will shoot himself in the foot. Like when he insisted in the fuel public tender, only to abandon the project for lack of storage. Mel and his associates can be that dumb, and I hope their stupidity may serve us well in the end.

One thought on “Time to be alert

  1. La Gringa

    I was searching for something and your blog came up and then I saw this title in the sidebar.

    Hmmm. What do you see in your crystal ball now? You have been awfully quiet.

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