Now blogging in English

I’ve been blogging in Spanish for some time. Now I think it’s time to try to make a blog in English about Honduras. Why? It’s like Aaron, the guy from Pensieve said: I can have a bigger audience that way. He writes better in English anyways. It’s not so easy for me, it’s outside from my comfort zone, but I’m going to give it a try.

It should be no surprise that a blog in English about Honduras could be more successful that an similar blog in Spanish, even when most people in Honduras don’t speak English. Most people in Honduras don’t have an Internet connection in their homes. I certainly don’t. In contrast, Internet is dominated by the English language.

The orientation of this blog will be influenced by the intended audience, which is mostly American expats, I guess. It has to be different from my current blog in Spanish for obvious reasons. I’ll have to take into account the American point of view, and explain things I take for granted when I write in Spanish. I’m writing to people with a different culture. Let’s see how it works.