The return of Manuel Zelaya is positive

Contrary to what was feared, there were no reported acts of vandalism and no clashes with the police.

Manuel Zelaya speech comes with a new, more conciliatory tone. Zelaya recognizes the government of Porfirio Lobo as legitimate, and supports the Honduras’ return to the OAS.

This represents a diametrical change with respect to the previous extremist rhetoric of Zelaya and the so called “resistance.”

I do not understand the hysterical reactions of white shirts, upset by Zelaya’s return.

Zelaya has embraced the Cartagena Agreement, which respects the laws of the State of Honduras.

The downside, in my opinion, are the distinguished foreigners who participated in this political event openly supporting Manuel Zelaya, who no longer represents the State of Honduras. This blatant interference in the internal affairs of Honduras is reprehensible.

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