Mel Zelaya, annulment of charges

“They bent the arm of the Supreme Court,  which was forced to annul  the the charges against Zelaya so that Honduras may return to the OAS. “

That’s what the anti -Zelaya media media says,  but there is no evidence of this.

Whiteys complained that Zelaya had no respect for the law and that the rule of law had to be rescued.

However, the annulment of the charges against Zelaya was made following the legal principles and legal formalities.  Therefore,  it must be respected, even when they don’t like it.  Justice can not expect to please everyone.

They forget that the removal of Zelaya was illegal.  Every citizen is entitled to due process, and not to be forced out of the country.  When this right is violated, legal consequences may come, as the annulment of charges.

But Zelaya followers are mistaken if they believe this will end all legal actions against Zelaya.  The Public Ministry has decided not to appeal the decision of the Court , but that does not mean they can not  initiate a new prosecution against him.

The annulment of charges does not amount to admit that Zelaya is innocent of the charges against him,  let alone admitting that there was a coup d’Etat on June 28, 2009.

Zelaya himself has said that  “the  persecution against him still continues”,  that his “constitutional rights” are still not guaranteed  That is, he intends to enjoy total impunity as a condition to return to Honduras.