The Cartagena Agreement is positive

I believe the Cartagena agreement is positive, because it helps to reduce the level of confrontation in Honduras. Although it may seem strange President Chavez’s cooperation with Honduras in order to return to the OAS, after his extremist rhetoric, accusing the government of Lobo of being a continuation of the coup. It is also positive the resumption of diplomatic relations with Nicaragua.

With this agreement President Lobo scores another diplomatic victory, locating himself in the center of the controversy between the factions of “whiteys” and “resistance.”

A sector of the self-called “resistance” interprets the agreement as a political victory, while another sector questions the lack of transparency in the negotiations.

Manuel Zelaya is expected to arrive in Honduras on Saturday 28 May. A massive welcome is being organized from the “resistance.”

The faction of the “whiteys” shows some division too, some see this agreement as an anti-patriotic betrayal, while others see it as an opportunity to lower the profile of Zelaya.

This agreement does not mean the end of tensions. The agreement may be misunderstood by either party, which may create more conflicts. Specifically regarding the alleged legal persecution of the Zelaya’s administration officials.