The Haunted Hill – Danli Legend

San Cristobal hill in the background.

By Lidia Maria de Calix

Many years ago Danli was just a small village, whose inhabitants engaged in agriculture and small livestock. At that time no car had yet entered the town, people used to made their trips by mule or on foot.

They say that by that time something very strange happened on the hill of San Cristobal, northern guardian of this city. The villagers heard at all hours of the day the crowing of a cock and saw clothes hanging on the hill every day. Such was the curiosity of the people that they once arranged a trip to meet the family who lived there, they wanted to befriend them.

Upon arriving there they were surprised to find only pines, rocks and an uninhabited cave. When they were returning to Danli they continued seeing and hearing the same things.

When this town was visited by the revered and admired priest Manuel de Jesús Subirana the people of Danli told him what happened and he witnessed the events; and thinking it was a thing of the devil he decided to go and bless the hill with a group of residents.

Upon arriving at the base of the hill, the priest began his blessing, and when he was approaching the middle of the hill (place of the strange event) they say the hill began to grow, and as the people and the priest went on, the hill grew further and further, so they could never reach the site they wanted to bless.

It is said that this hill will explode with tongues of fire in the future, trying to destroy the population, but at the same time, the rock of Apagüitz, Southern guardian of Danli, will burst in water, which will offset the fury of the San Cristobal hill.

Taken from the book “Danlí en el recuerdo”, by Dario Gonzalez Caceres.