Father’s Day in Honduras

In Honduras, just like in Bolivia, Spain, Italy and other countries, Father’s Day is celebrated on March 19, being this the day of St. Joseph, foster father of Jesus according to the Bible, although the decree that gives official sanction to this celebration in Honduras does not mention the Saint or Jesus.

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate fatherhood, to remember and ponder the virtues of good parents.

Although not as popular as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is celebrated in schools, and the children give to their fathers the handicrafts they made specially for them in their day.

Merchants take advantage of Father’s Day to promote their products and services, urging to make an acknowledgment of love for those who are fathers with gifts to their liking.

Although the Mother’s hymn is well known, Father’s hymn does not enjoy the same diffusion.

Father’s Day is a timely opportunity to ask reflection to irresponsible fathers, those who only drop the seed and go away, leaving the entire burden of raising children on women.

While Catholic priests are called “fathers”, the Father’s Day is not for them. The Catholic Church has designated Maundy Thursday as the day to commemorate the institution of the priesthood by Christ, according to Catholic doctrine.

Hondurans are very Christian, and above all they trust in their Heavenly Father to guide them and help them to be better people.