Saint Valentine’s Day in Honduras

In Honduras, the Day of Love and Friendship —also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or Lover’s Day— is celebrated on February 14th, and it’s mostly a celebration driven by commercial advertising.

Officially, Friendship Day is on February 23, but apparently no one remembers that date, the commercial celebration is preferred.

February 14 is celebrated as a special day for couples; friends are also remembered, but not with the same emphasis. The greeting “Happy Saint Valentine’s day” or “Happy Love and Friendship Day”, can be directed at anyone, since it is understood that everyone is loved by someone, or loves someone, whether she/he is a relative, friend or partner.

There is no well defined tradition, but under the influence of advertising romantic partners exchange gifts, or the man in the relationship is expected to do the giving. Some couples seek a special environment to celebrate the occasion, like restaurants, clubs, hotels, motels, etc. The Love and Friendship Day is celebrated with more enthusiasm in larger cities, since big cities produce more business advertising.

The advantage of the celebration of Saint Valentine’s day in Honduras, is that by calling it “Love and Friendship Day”, people without a romantic partner do not feel so marginalized in the celebration, as it happens in other countries.

Ideas for the celebration

Since this time Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday, we can use the preceding weekend to mark the occasion, going to somewhere romantic. The small resort town of Valle De Angeles, near Tegucigalpa, may be a good option. In the city of Danli there is a park named Parque del Amor (Love Park), because some couples used to visit the place to cuddle under a tree.

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