My new Custom Domain

Now I have my own domain for this blog.

This means I got rid of the blogspot part of the URL.

No more, just

Now all my main blogs are custom domains.

I did this for a number of reasons: it looks more professional, it makes a shorter URL easier to remember, it will allow me to migrate to another platform (like WordPress) sometime in the future, it is more SEO friendly, it prevents anyone from taking my domain names before me (cybersquatting), it gives more value to my blogs, etc.

It’s amazing how many cool domain names are already taken. So if your are thinking in buying a custom domain, you should hurry.

Blogger redirects all the traffic from my old blogspot sub-domain to my new custom domain, including feeds. Blogger is still hosting my blogs for free.

The downside is that my PageRank dropped to zero, temporarily. This is because all the external links are pointing to the old URL. So if you have a link to any of my blogs, I ask you to please now use my new custom domains URLs to link me.

If you are interested in purchasing a custom domain I recommend Go Daddy.

You can get a .com domain from Go Daddy as cheap as $7.49 per year.

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