Indigenous Pech who believe in Aliens

Pech believe their ancestors had communication with Aliens.

This race, which once occupied part of the municipality of Catacamas, retains its own language and cultural elements, their average height is 1.65 m, they have strongly built bodies, clear brown skin, slightly oval face, straight hair and very thin and sparse mustache and beard.

They maintain the ancestral authority of a chief, although in recent years they have downgraded him to the level of a mentor, for his moral strength, because now communities are managed by tribal councils.

Even when the chief exercised absolute power, I was able to observe in a Pech community how the highiest tribal authority reached decisions through consensus. It happened in La Danta, Culmi, in 1971, when I asked him about whether or not to launch a development project, the chief then observed one by one the faces of a dozen people who were under his command. His aides did not speak, but he interpreted their countenance and answered according to the majority criterion.

Until that year they still held an entrenched community life: They had forests, crops; beekeeping, poultry and swine farms, all in common. This ancient practice has been weakening, but by then, when a couple married or decided to cohabit, the entire community built their house.

The Pech are one of the rare native cultures in the world who believed in the existence of extraterrestrial life, as revealed in recent years, but with a lot of reservation, by tribal elders to young leaders.

Each tribe had a special personage, called “Wata”, who was the repository of ancient wisdom. He selected his successor, who also had to keep secret all this knowledge.

Even when the tribe had its chief —as it is still the case in Nueva Subirana— he consulted many issues with the wise man. In practice there was one authority in charge of earthly activities and one in charge of spiritual matters: the “Wata”.

This important figure had supernatural powers and such wisdom that he could predict events and cure diseases with rites, plants and animal substances, according to tradition.

Although it seems unlikely, the Pech hold the belief that the “Wata” had communication with spirits from other planets, as revealed in recent years by elders of Santa Maria del Carbon, according to the testimony of the head of the Federation of Pech Tribes of Honduras (FETRIPH), Carlos Alberto Lopez Catalan.

There is even a particular story in the Pech tradition about a space odyssey of a “Wata”.

“Before this era, an alien visited a Pech community and revealed that in the ‘Seventh Planet’ lived another “Wata”. The people got together and asked their spiritual leader to visit this beautiful place in order to be convinced of the existence of the alien “Wata”. After a dangerous odyssey, the Indigenous leader met his rival, confronted him, was defeated, but with the help of a goddess could return alive to Earth according to Indigenous mythology.

The “Wata” dominated nature but ceased to exist after the Spanish conquest, which tried to destroy their culture and abolished Pech religion converting them to another faith, said Lopez Catalan.

Faithful to their tradition, the leader said that the Pech still believe there are “humans on other planets” but “powerful governments don’t want this to be known in order not to worry Mankind, because a possible conquest of Earth cannot be ruled out”, according to his thinking.

Taken from the book “Catacamas: Del ayer al año 2000” by Winston Irias Calix.