Outrage for Zelayista feast at American Embassy

Manuel Zelaya was overthrown for seeking to repeal the Constitution, change the form of government and perpetuate himself in office.

Héctor Zelaya talking at the U.S. Embassy

Héctor Zelaya Castro, son of former president, celebrated another year of U.S. independence.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

The presence of several former ministers, and even Hector Zelaya Castro, son of Manuel Zelaya, came like a complete shock upon the members of the so called Resistance Front.

In debates through e-mail networks, the resistance members consider outrageous that while Zelaya denounced that the U.S. planned and executed the “coup”, officials of his administration close to him, and even his son, went to talk with U.S. officials and Honduran businessmen.

At the party of Friday July 2 in honor of the 234 anniversary of independence, were present the Zelayistas Raul Valladares, Aristides Mejia, Milton Jiménez, Edmundo Orellana, Rodil Rivera, Marlon Brevé and Carlos Aguilar.

During the Zelaya administration these figures supported the illegal project of the fourth ballot box (cuarta urna), which was intended to repeal the current political constitution and change the form of government. Héctor Zelaya was smiling, holding hands with his wife.

Source: El Heraldo.

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