Frequent Power Outages in Danli

In Danli we are used to have power cuts on Saturday morning from 8 am to 4 pm. Sometimes they make it every other Saturday.

But now we have to endure more frequent and unexpected power outages, mostly in the afternoon and evening.

The National Company of Electric Energy (ENEE) has not deigned to explain these power outages, and local media do not seem interested in reporting this.

ENEE is also not responsible for appliances damaged by frequent power fluctuations, nor for the losses of local economy.

In Honduras the business of electrical energy is monopolized by the State, and as expected the State has not been a good manager, so much that even with its monopoly, ENEE is now having financial hardships.

One thought on “Frequent Power Outages in Danli

  1. La Gringa

    We have been having a lot of power outages in La Ceiba, too. They usually aren't very long, sometimes only a minute or two, sometimes longer. But there has been a definite increase in the past 2-3 months.

    Worse than the outages are the periods of too low or too high power.

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