Official Honduran Hymn to Mothers

Here I put my translation of the Honduran Hymn to Mothers, used for Mother’s Day:

Lyrics: Augusto C. Cuello.
Music: Rafael Coello Ramos.


In the name of mother is enclosed
The highest expression of love.
For there cannot be on earth
A clearer picture of God.


When we open our restless eyes
At the first glow of life,
It’s her pale and moved face
Our first and sweet vision.
And upon entering the unknown path,
At her holy and charitable shadow,
Every thorn that wounded our sole
Is turned by your hands into bloom.

Mother, you are our consolation in sorrow,
Hope and faith for the road,
A good tree that gives to pilgrim
Rest, shelter and peace.
Your love is sanctified in such way
That God himself being tortured to death
Sublimated his holy martyrdom
With your last kiss on his face.

As a holy service Honduras consecrates
In this day your immortal glory.
Mother you are good, joy,
Protection, light and forgiveness.
Your exalted virtue going through
The mystery of remote ages
Expands in the warm notes
That beat in this song.

See the hymn in its original in Spanish: Himno a la Madre hondureña.
Download the hymn in mp3.