Mother’s Day in Honduras

In Honduras, as in other countries, Mother’s Day is celebrated the second Sunday of May. This is a very popular celebration that takes place in all types of organizations: schools, churches, unions, trusts, etc.

Companies seeking to market their products through this special day reminds us weeks in advance the value of mothers, and they invite us to celebrate her with gifts. In schools children make crafts to give to their mothers, where they are also taught the Honduran Hymn to Mothers.

The Hymn to Mothers, whose lyrics are by Augusto C. Coello, and music by Rafael Coello Ramos, is sung in schools, colleges, churches, and other groups that come together to celebrate mothers on their day.

Mother’s Day is much more popular than Father’s Day, for the love of mother has no comparison. While there are irresponsible fathers who leave women after pregnancy, single mothers engage in any kind of sacrifices for the welfare of their children. That is why Mother’s Day is celebrated with great joy and gratitude.

In Honduras, Mother’s Day was officialy declared in 1927.