Brief chronology of events

Chronology of events leading to the ouster of Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales.

5 thoughts on “Brief chronology of events

  1. Anonymous

    This was very clear and helped me understand current events in Honduras. I enjoy your blog/
    Yvonne from HL group

  2. humberth


    but you tend to "forget", one small thong, . the "constitution"
    was drafted during the years of the military dictatorship.

    now, why dont you make a chronology of that!!!

  3. Ardegas

    The constitution was the way out of military regimens. What's the problem with that?

  4. It's All Small

    From my knowledge it is a violation of the constitution to remove any Honduran forcibly out of Honduras. He was not put into a Honduran prison he was forcibly exiled. The purpose of this no doubt was to not have him face a jury of peers with political support and rallying. He is not allowed to argue his side and his supporters are not allowed to offer their support within the confines of the civic and legal institution of Honduras. So it is actually the military who acted unconstitutionality for the purposes of political advantage. Zelaya acted unconstitutionally but so did the government.

    Selective propaganda is selective propaganda.

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