This was a Coup, ladies and gentlemen

Despite what new Honduran authorities say, what happened yesterday was a coup.

It’s obvious. President Zelaya was quiet sleeping at home, soldiers came with an alleged court order, and within minutes he is flying exiled to Costa Rica.

He didn’t received the due process. There is no law stating a procedure like this to defenestrate a president. This expulsion was illegal. Period.

It is paradoxical that those flying the flag of the law against Zelaya now make use of illegality to expel him.


I correct, this is not a coup. If Zelaya tries to return home he will be captured and tried for treason. My best wishes for the constitutional government of Roberto Micheletti.

5 thoughts on “This was a Coup, ladies and gentlemen

  1. Anonymous

    When you dance with the devil(Chavez) prepare for the consequences. Latin America better wake up to likes of Chavez and his friends. To many will not stand for it.

  2. Anonymous

    Nothing justify the cup. Honduran people had the right to express themselves with ballots, in case they didn´t agree with Zelaya. Now all they have is havoc!!

    Central America is going backwards… it´s a shame!

  3. Anonymous

    The election that was going to be held was an illegal election. Congress did not approve. It was a difficult situation. Was it an irrational decision? Yes. but Did it save Honduras from a lot more problems? Probably so.

  4. Anonymous

    FYI. I live in Tegucigalpa
    What is really a coup? Or why I lost faith in international news.

    Personally I am very sorry now, seeing news on the internet because the opinions of people (say, journalists) whom fall in ignorance of the constitution of Honduras. The news, with not half the facts, are giving judgments against the movement to preserve the constitutional order in Honduras. Deposition of Zelaya was to preserve this order, not demolish it.

    Anyone who has lived in Central America, lived or studied its history knows that a coup happens when a president was deposed by force and put in his place a military junta. This has not happened in Honduras. Appointing a temporary president so we can get to elections in November and thus maintain order, preserve the constitution and prevent armed conflict (that was cooking) if Zelaya was able to change the constitution.

    The political crisis, whose outcome by force I regret, reached a "point of no return" with the presidential ruling about “the public opinion poll” to call the Constituent National Assembly. The day before the popular consultation (as it was called) the executive (Zelaya) approved the following law:
    "Instructions to all units and organs of government: Secretary of State, decentralized and devolved institutions to enter and actively implement all the tasks assigned to them for completion of the project entitled: Survey of public announcement of Assembly National Constituent Assembly which is an official activity of the Government of the Republic. "
    Read with emphasis the National Constituent Assembly. For those who don’t know the purpose of this group would re-organize the country (the state powers, the constitutional form, etc). For this the first step is to dissolve the National Congress, the Supreme Court (the other two branches of the state).

    "The ALBA is just like a mutual aid society for autoperpetuación in power. They were elected democratically by promises to fight corruption, but most as soon as they took office, focused all their energy on changing the constitution to stay in power indefinitely. "(La Prensa)

    It seems that they are all following the same script. Act 1: Introduction to the country as an idealistic -whether leading a military coup attempt, like Chavez, or leading violent protests such as Evo Morales and seize the headlines to instantly become the center of national attention.
    Act 2: After winning the presidential election, to change the Constitution to introduce a clause that allows re-election.
    Act 3: Just passed the Constitution, to bring forward the next presidential election.
    Act 4: Once reelected, accusing United States, the Church and the oligarchy of an assassination attempt, and use this pretext to imprison opposition leaders and closing media critics, paving the way to govern with no opposition, and assume absolute powers. (Taken from La Tribuna News)

    Democracy does not imply permanency in power. Zelaya was an unpopular president, who came from the right and left with the left, this year he could not even pass the national budget.

    In these difficult days the Honduran people need understanding and support from regional bodies and the democracies of the hemisphere to strengthen institutional normality, eliminate authoritarianism and restore "a climate of social peace, dialogue and understanding. But journalists like sharks smell blood and ignore the claims of the people, preferring broadcasting the speeches of Zelaya.

  5. Anonymous

    There are some informed people here in the US who understand that this was a constitutional process, not a coup, and that the people of Honduras are defending their freedom.

    The big problem for Honduras is that the US now has a socialist president who is supporting Chavez and his leftist bloc. The American press protects Obama and does not report that that Honduras is following a legal Constitutional process.

    The majority of American people just do not understand what is happening in Honduras yet. If you can get the real story out, the American people will rise up to support you!

    You have a brave leader in Micheletti. I hope the Honduran people continue to show the world, including America, what it means to fight for freedom.

    A message to Honduran people:
    It is VERY important you tell your new president that he must appeal directly to the American people. The American press will not help you or tell the truth. Your government officials traveling here need to get an exclusive interview with someone like Glenn Beck on the Fox News channel if you want the American people to hear your story.

    Please do what you can to spread this message in Honduras.

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