Elvin Santos promises a Honduran Alcatraz

Taken from El Heraldo. (3/3/09)

The presidential candidate for the Liberal Party, Elvin Santos, repeated this Tuesday his intentions to build a Honduran “Alcatraz”, and promised the biggest public investment “this country has ever seen”.

The contender for the presidency of the party in power, in declarations to the radio station HRN, accused the contender for the opposition, Porfirio Lobo Sosa, of repeating “like a tape recorder” the proposals he makes in his campaign.

The ex- vice president of Honduras referred this morning to the problem of lack of public safety in Honduras. “We live as prisoners” in our houses, because the criminals are free in the streets, he criticized.

He manifested that during his government, if he wins the coming elections of November; there won’t be any imprisonment centers, but rehabilitation centers.

He also said he has identified the land where he will build the Honduran Alcatraz, without conjugal visits or the privileges that many prisoners enjoy in the Honduran prisons.