Am I worried about a new Constitution?

I am optimistic. Sure, there is an economic crisis around the corner, but soon things will change for the better, because soon the Zelaya administration will end.

In Honduras, worse than an economic crisis we have a permanent political crisis, due to our stubborn president, Mel Zelaya, and his underlings. The Mel administration is a disaster. I think it’s urgent for him to go, as soon as possible. What a nightmare would it be if he would stay.

But now, El Heraldo and La Prensa say he has admitted he wants to stay in power.

But it’s not true. It’s a shameless lie. They lie because they want to sell more newspapers. The headlines may suggest that, but if you read the whole story you see he hasn’t said that, explicitly. Mel hasn’t said such a thing.

But I’m sure he thought about it.

What he has said is that he wants a 4th ballot box in the next November elections. And in that box people will vote YES or NO for a new Constitution.

But what is the need for a new Constitution? Mel hasn’t said. But we can guess.

We get so suspicious.

In his recent meeting with Fidel Castro, Fidel said to Mel that four years are not enough to develop a leadership. We can guess Mel wants to stay in power to “develop his leadership”. Maybe he needs 20 years at least to develop it.

But it won’t happen, for a number of reasons.

As Daniel says it:

As I see it, if the sh*t hits the fan and there is a 4th ballot box, Mel will not be the president on the next term…because the other ballot boxes will elect our next president, So Mel would have to wait 4 years if he still is seeking power and then Callejas will surely rise to the occasion and proclaim he wants to be president again and I assure you that Callejas would win over Mel. So, unless something terribly corrupt arises, next year the pres will be Elvin or Pepe.

There won’t be re-election any time soon. We can rest assured.

The making of a new constitution takes time. There won’t be enough time for Mel to make his move. There are also political forces in his own party against him.

That said, a new Constitution is not a bad idea in principle. Better laws can be made, more democracy can be achieved. But we have to be extremely careful about the special interest groups, because they will lobby for their agenda, and not for the Honduran people agenda. That is always a risk.

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  1. La Gringa

    How can Hondurans make their government accountable to them? That is the key to democracy. And if you can’t even trust the media to tell the truth, what is there?

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